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It seems like everyone is talking about digital transformation these days. And not without a reason. According to the studies of various analyst companies, communication service providers are quite optimistic with regards to potential revenues that could be generated from digital services. Some of them even expect this segment to account for 25% of their revenues by 2020 (Source: EY). But such optimistic results will not be achieved effortlessly.

In theory, telecom operators are in an ideal situation to become market leaders in that field. With their network infrastructure, strong brands and a ready-to-sell-to customer base. However, legacy IT environments, networks that cannot fully support every new service idea, customer and product information scattered among dozens of BSS/OSS systems, coupled with the cost and time needed to launch new offers, seem to stand in the way. 


So what are the prerequisites of to CSP successful transformation towards digital service providers? Download the latest issue of Comarch Technology Review Magazine and find out!

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Selected articles from the last issue of the Comarch Technology Review Magazine:


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An interview with prof. Janusz Filipiak, the Founder & CEO of Comarch

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An interview with Dominique Loepfe, Project Manager at ORS / simpliTV

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Bartłomiej Kordas, BSS Product Manager

Applying an Omnichannel Strategy in Telecommunications
Bartłomiej Kordas, BSS Product Manager

Is Omnichannel a “Must-have” for Telecom Operators?
Agnieszka Czulak, BSS Consultant

How Telecoms Can Become Pro-Active in Managing Customer Experience with Integrated BSS/OSS Analytics
Wojciech Dziunikowski, Head of Integrated Assurance & Analytics Product Management

Show Your Customers you Really Care with Customer-Focused Integrated Operations
Diogo Dotta, OSS Consultant

How to Save Time and Money on Telecom Network Merger & Acquisition Processes: A smart approach to network consolidation
Mateusz Cieślak, OSS & SON Product Manager

How Adopting NFV/SDN Technology Enables Telecoms to Experiment with New Customer Services
Łukasz Mendyk, OSS & NFV/SDN Product Manager

Switching to Cloud-Native OSS
Piotr Kucia, OSS Product Manager

Integrating SON Functionalities into the Complex OSS World
Mateusz Cieślak, OSS & SON Product Manager

It’s Time to Focus on Quality of Service in the IoT
Wojciech Martyniak, M2M & IoT Product Manager

Improving Quality and Safety of IoT Services with Machine Learning
Izabela Śmietana, Software Engineer, M2M R&D Department
Mariusz Grzybacz, Software Architect, M2M R&D Department