MS Excel - intermediate level

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      MS Excel - intermediate level

      Remote and stationary training options

      About training

      This course is for people who wants to gain the efficiency in working with MS Excel on advanced level.

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      What will you gain from the training?

      Training objectives

      Participants will recap the basics and learn the intermediate functions of Microsoft Excel and know their use in practice.


      After completing the course, participants will know how to:

      • perform intermediate operations on copying and pasting data
      • protect cells, sheets and workbooks
      • use data filter and subtotals
      • use advanced filter
      • perform operations on dates and hours
      • use text conversion functions
      • use logical functions with multiplied conditions
      • use nested functions
      • insert data from other applications
      • analyse data using goal seek and solver add-in
      • analyse data using pivot tables and charts
      • consolidate data from different source files
      Is this training for you?

      Audience profile and Requirements 

      This course is for people who wants to gain the efficiency in working with MS Excel on intermediate level.



      • 2 days, 16 hours
      Detailed training program

      Detailed training program

      Data management

      • Sheets management (naming, copying, colour change)
      • Efficient data entering
      • Efficient selecting
      • Go To and Go To Special tools
      • Sorting data
      • Custom lists
      • Autofilter and Advanced filter
      • Advanced operations on copying and pasting data

      Adjustment of the working environment

      • Hotkeys, facilities
      • Create and modify toolbars
      • Excel Options (autosave, input, calculations, etc.)


      • Cell styles
      • Format painter
      • Number formats


      • Subtotals function and subtotal tool
      • Statistical functions (average, maximum, minimum and quantity) 
      • Text conversion functions
      • Date and time functions
      • Sheet inspection

      Tables and list management

      • Using names of cells and ranges
      • Format as Table

      Conditional functions

      • IF
      • Logical functions
      • Informational functions
      • Avoiding errors
      • Other conditional functions (countif, sumif  and others)
      • Creation of complex / multiple nested formulas

      Data consolidation

      • Getting external data (CSV, TXT, Access)
      • Data consolidation functions and tools
      • Search functions (lookup, vlookup, hlookup, index, match)


      • Collaboration
      • Tracking changes
      • Comments


      • Protect worksheet and workbook
      • Secure and encrypt files

      Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

      • How to effectively create a pivot table
      • Changing style, layout, totals, subtotals
      • Formatting pivot table fields
      • Sorting and filtering data
      • Grouping the data
      • Using calculated fields and calculated items
      • Getting data from Pivot Table
      • Advanced Pivot Table options
      • Pivot Charts

      General Analysis Tools

      • Scenarios
      • Custom Views
      • Goal Seek
      • Solver
      • Data Tables
      • One Input
      • Two Input

      Training delivery method

      The training is carried out in the form of theoretical part in the form of mini lectures and the practical part in the form of computer exercises..


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