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Why Comarch Training Centre?

For years, we have been at the top of training service providers - IT and business. We carefully observe each completed training. We listen to the opinions of Participants, we discuss with representatives of companies ordering the training and with Trainers. Every vote is important. Thanks to this, we know what we can improve, what new trainings to introduce to the offer and how to better meet the development needs of our clients.

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We offer a wide range of professional business training, e.g. Office package training (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) and a range of specialized IT training, e.g. VBA, Oracle, SQL, Power BI courses and Databases training.

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E-learning? Why not?!

In contrast to the stationary course, you as a participant can stop learning at any time, return to one of the topics and work through it again. You choose the most convenient time to learn, and thanks to this form of training you can polish your skills from anywhere in the world. After completing the course, you receive a certificate as proof of your skills.

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Our webinars

We invite you to follow our webinar proposals on the Comarch event website. Webinars are an excellent complement to traditional training, and their availability in an 'on-demand' presentation means that participants have free access to the broadcast content and can replay it as many times as they wish.

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Why are our trainings unique ?

Because they are run by people with passion! The extensive knowledge of our trainers is supported by several years of practice in the field of IT and business training. The substantive knowledge is supplemented by professional, pedagogical education in the field of effectiveness and techniques of modern teaching.

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Comarch Training Center

We are part of the Comarch SA company structure dedicated to organising IT and business training courses. We offer a wide range of specialised training courses in many Polish cities. Our centres are located in Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice, Gliwice, Bialystok, Poznan, Gdansk, Lublin and Lodz.

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Our participants about the courses

See how our training courses and our trainers are rated by trainees.

  • Great trainer. You can see that the transfer of knowledge comes to her easily and she does it with great pleasure. As an absolutely non-technical person, I became interested in the topic, the information was provided clearly, understandable and what's more - there was a hunger for further training in the subject. Congratulations to this coach.

  • A solid dose of knowledge to start working with PQ and Power BI. The host - a very communicative and direct person. He bravely endured tons of questions from us, which he had to answer :)

  • Excellent ability to transfer knowledge, calmness, patience, very good contact with students!

  • Everything is great :-) I highly recommend the instructor, who clearly explained the training and answered all questions exhaustively! I learned a lot from this training :)

  • Perfectly selected material, some knowledge and exercises. It's impossible to fall asleep during training !


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Barbara Nitwinko
Barbara Nitwinko

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