Comarch is the largest Polish producer of software for business entities. The financial and accounting software and ERP and Business Intelligence class systems created by Comarch’s ERP Sector are used in 85,000 small-, medium- and large-sized companies, not only in Poland, but also in Germany, France and Austria. Modern, secure and user-friendly Comarch solutions are used to support activities of companies in Trade, Services and Production Sectors.




The Comarch ERP sector provides a full range of business software for one-person, micro-, small and medium- and largesized companies:

Comarch ERP Altum: is the first intelligent ERP platform that supports all key business processes in medium and large trade and service companies and trade networks. This solution is adjusted to the needs of Polish and international markets. The system is also available in the service model (SaaS).

Comarch ERP XL: for years this has been the most popular ERP class system in Poland, used by about 4,000 companies across different industries. This solution meets the specific requirements of production companies, as well as trade companies and those involved in services and maintenance operations. The system is also available in the service model (SaaS).

Comarch ERP Optima: this software package is dedicated for micro-, small and medium-size companies, supporting sales, management, accounting HR and payroll aspects. Along with the additional Accounting Office module and the Accounting Offices Community portal iKsięgowość24, Comarch ERP Optima is a tool for running and promoting accounting offices and tax counseling offices. The system is also available in the service model (SaaS).

Comarch ERP iFaktury24: is an innovative application for online invoicing, running inventory systems and simple accounting, all made available in a web browser system. This solution is dedicated for micro- and smallsized companies. Its main advantages are simplicity and accessibility. The system is also available in the service model (SaaS).

Comarch ERP Retail: an autonomous system for running retail sales, allowing effective and comprehensive management of retail trade networks, from the head office, to shop facilities, to points of sale (POS).

Comarch ERP Mobile: a package of mobile applications to support ERP class systems: Comarch ERP Optima, Comarch ERP XL and Comarch ERP Altum. This package includes: Comarch ERP Mobile Magazine: an application supporting store owners concerning data collection points with the possibility of online and offline operation; Comarch ERP Mobile Sale: an SFA type application allowing smartphone or tablet use operating with the Android platform, to support sales representatives and shop assistants; Comarch ERP Mobile BI: an application for managers to put together reviews of Business Intelligence reports for smartphones or tablets operating with Android.

Comarch Business Intelligence: a system based on inventory data technology, dedicated for large and medium-size companies and international corporations. The solution supports decision-making processes and reporting. It supports the following industries: Financial and Insurance Institutions, FMCG, Services and Production.

iBard24 Backup Online: a simple tool for automatic backup, storing and sharing data online in a calculation cloud, allowing access to files from any place in the world, 24/7. Data is stored in the Comarch Data Center. It is also used for archiving databases from Comarch ERP systems.

iKsięgowość24: accounting and book-keeping services for companies, carried out by accounting offices using Comarch ERP Optima.

Comarch ERP e-Shop: online shop software for small and medium-sized companies, fully integrated with the Comarch ERP managing systems, price comparison search engines, Allegro online bid service and, as well as online payment service providers. a trade platform (currently operating at, which allows companies to manage online sales directly from the invoicing and inventory system used. Products may be offered on it by any company using Comarch management software









Comarch ERP XL

Modules: Sales, Orders, Production, HR and Payroll, Accounting, Import, Fixed Assets, Business Intelligence, Comarch ERP Mobile Warehouse


The scope of work included integrating all processes in the company, from accepting orders from recipients, to planning purchases for production, completing finished products, storage with the Comarch ERP Mobile Warehouse application, sales, and accounting. The data is also multidimensionally analysed in the Business Intelligence module. TatraSpring also makes use of the HR module for Comarch ERP XL and Business Intelligence for this area. The implementation was conducted by a Comarch partner, T2S Sp. z o.o.


TROPICAL Tadeusz Ogrodnik

Comarch ERP Mobile Sprzedaż

Modules: Comarch ERP Mobile Sale, Comarch ERP Mobile Warehouse, Sales, Import, Orders, Production, CRM, Accounting, Fixed Assets, Business Intelligence, Comarch EDI, HR and Payroll


Implementation of the Comarch ERP Mobile Sale system using Android, which quickly became the primary tool for all sales representatives of the client. The sales personnel use the mobile application to both place offers and sales orders in the system. Visits to their clients are registered, additionally, during selected visits, questionnaires are entered in the system and their results may be analysed in the already implemented Business Intelligence module. The implementation was conducted by a Comarch partner, Centrum Technologii Informatycznej.


Arcelor Mittal Syców Sp. z o.o.



Implementation of the iBard24 service was aimed at making regular backup copies of all key data of the Polish branch of the company on an external server. iBard24 is used, among others, for making backup copies of the Comarch ERP Optima database, the Płatnik system and file resources stored in a corporate server. The iBard24 solution has fully met the requirements of external security auditors who examined procedures in Arcelor Mittal Syców.


Radio Taxi Partner Sp. z o.o.

Comarch ERP Optima

Modules: General Ledger, Invoices, Fixed Assets, HR and Payroll Plus


The software executes processes which cover accounting, invoicing, the register of fixed assets, calculating salaries and the HR register. The implementation was conducted by a Comarch partner, CDN PARTNER in Cracov Sp. z o.o.


Kondrat Sp. z o.o.

Comarch ERP Optima

Modules: HR and Payroll, General Ledger, Fixed Assets, Trade, Cash Desk/Bank, Retail, CRM, Business
Intelligence Analyses


The software supports processes related to: accounting, the register of fixed assets, invoicing and sales, including retail sales. Additionally, Comarch ERP Optima is used to calculate salaries and running the HR and payroll register, as well as managing relations with clients and analysing the financial position of the company. The implementation was conducted by a Comarch partner, Datacom Software Sp. z o.o.